Is your WordPress web hosting making you money?

is your wordpress web hosting making you money?

As a web designer or developer, your clients rely on your knowledge to make website-related purchases like domains, web hosting and SSL certificates.

Many freelancers and digital agencies in Australia and worldwide earn additional income by joining affiliate programs with web hosting providers. Other web developers choose to become resellers of web hosting in addition to their web development jobs.

Is your WordPress web hosting making you money? Your WordPress web hosting can make you money – and free up time, to help you build your business if you deal with the right web hosting provider.

What to look for in a web hosting affiliate program

There are a few points that might influence your decision to join an affiliate program:

1. Quality of the web hosting

Your goal is to create a good and responsive website for your client. In a bid to make more money as an affiliate, you must not neglect the core of your professional duty, which is to deliver a stunning website with a user-friendly interface.

Bad web hosting can create downtime, make even the most beautiful pages load slowly or incompletely, causing high latency and impacting the end-user experience. Choosing a web hosting provider that is committed to delivering consistent quality can prevent these issues from arising.

2. Relationship of the WordPress web hosting provider with customers

The WordPress web hosting provider you choose should have customer service at the ready and provide quick solutions to the problems you encounter while leveraging their hosting solution. 

The more time you are spending fixing web hosting issues, the less time you can spend billing for high-value work you enjoy.

3. Long term usability

Before choosing a WordPress web hosting affiliate program, you need to ensure the affiliate program stands the test of time. You do not want to select a plan that will elapse after a short period.

For example, a WordPress web hosting provider may start a promotion campaign to attract affiliates at the end of every year. This type of affiliate program is not something you should consider if you want consistent income because the provider can terminate them at any time.

It is best to opt for affiliate programs with long term plans. We offer our affiliates a lifetime commission for WordPress web hosting fees paid to the company by the affiliate’s links.

Web Hosting Affiliate or Web Hosting Reseller: which should I be?

You can earn money as a web hosting affiliate or as a reseller. What should determine your choice should be the nature of your clients and the nature of your business.

For example, if you are a web developer who designs a website for clients who hire you, you may want to become a web hosting affiliate. If you own a digital agency, you will do well as a web hosting reseller. We cannot choose for you but will guide you in selecting the right one for you.

If you become a web hosting reseller, your job will be to resell web hosting under your brand name even though the web hosting provider will provide web hosting services to customers who buy web hosting from you. Web hosting reselling and web hosting affiliate marketing both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Pros and Cons of becoming a web hosting reseller

If you are a web hosting reseller, you have to own your brand, which deals with reselling web hosting. The original web hosting provider must understand that you are purchasing web hosting for resale and should run a program to support this.

A web hosting reseller does not suffer the burden of providing technical web hosting solutions to customers. It is the original web hosting provider that is responsible for technical web hosting solutions if necessary.

The weakness of web hosting resale is one of differentiation: what makes your brand different? The best way to overcome this demerit as a web hosting reseller is to package your services on top of the web hosting, in a unique way, that will attract customers whilst preserving your profitability.

Pros and Cons of becoming a web hosting affiliate

Your job as a web hosting affiliate is to connect customers to web hosting sellers for commission. You are a marketer who does not need to own a brand as a web hosting reseller. 

The significant advantage of becoming a web hosting affiliate is that you need very little capital. All you need is the ability to link people to the web hosting provider for a commission.

Becoming a web hosting affiliate is a quick path to passive income. Once you set up your affiliate link, it does not matter if you invest any other resources into the setup; you will make your agreed commission as long as customers visit the web hosting provider through the link.

Join Conetix’s Affiliate Program

It is pertinent to remember that you should look for a quality company that offers a long term affiliate program. Conetix offers good affiliate and reseller programs, which you can choose from depending on your business and clients.Visit our website to learn more about the benefits of our affiliate program.

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