Is it Time to Move to a VPS?

is it time to move to a vps?

So you’ve been on shared hosting for a while, business is going well and you’re considering moving onto the next level of hosting with a VPS, below are three tell-tale signs that it’s time to move your shared hosting to a VPS hosting.

1. Your site’s getting frustratingly slow

As your website grows and your traffic increases you may find shared hosting just doesn’t cut it anymore. Although shared hosting is a great way to start your website, VPS can take your site to the next level. If you’re after more bandwidth and storage, VPS plans include a more than generous amount of additional resources that’s only reserved for your business, no more sharing. When upgrading you will notice a substantial difference in site responsiveness and faster page loads.

2. Downtime's costing you

Shared hosting’s prices are kept minimal by sharing a server amongst other websites. This has many benefits but also a some great limitations, if one of the sites on the server experiences a problem then all sites on the server will be affected. This normally results in all websites on that server experiencing downtime until the problem is resolved.

3. You have more than one domain

If you have more than one site or are thinking of creating additional sites then it is more cost effective to go with a VPS then having multiple shared plans. VPS plans will cater for anything from 1 website to 100,000 websites.

If you plan on growing your business and need a reliable, robust website that will handle the growth, then it's probably time to move to a VPS hosting solution.

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