Is Shared Hosting right for my website?

is shared hosting right for my website?

There are different types of web hosting services available with the most popular being Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting is the most commonly used hosting service mainly because it’s the most easiest and affordable method. With this type of web hosting, your website is put on a server that it shares with other sites. The cost of this single server is shared amongst all websites on the server, thus making it very affordable.

Shared hosting is the ideal platform when starting out your website but it does pose some limitations. One of which is the shared resources like RAM and CPU. This may become a problem if a website on your server is using a lot more shared resources than you and other websites on the same server. This will likely affect your website's load speed and availability, leading to a decrease in shared hosting performance. Another limitation can be how many websites are sharing the one server. A host provider can cram many sites on the one server, meaning you could potentially be sharing your server with hundreds and maybe thousands of other websites. If there is a problem with even just one of those websites this could potentially affect your website’s response time and availability, meaning your site could be experiencing frequent downtime.

For most people the benefits associated with Shared Hosting greatly outweigh the limitations. Shared Hosting is the most affordable hosting service and in most cases is fully managed by the web host. The web host provider looks after all the backend techy updates, maintenance and backups so you don’t have to worry about any of it. Moreover, you still have control over your website and are given access to an easy-to-use control panel where you can upload your site and create email accounts. If you don’t have the time or know-how to manage your own hosting then shared hosting is for you – and is perfect for small businesses, personal sites and blogs.

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