Is spam leaving more than a bad taste in your mouth?

is spam leaving more than a bad taste in your mouth?

Besides being a big nuisance, spam can be detrimental to your business and cost more than you think. So how can something you don’t engage in, be costing you? It is difficult to imagine that an estimated 93% of all email traffic is spam. That leaves a mere 7% of genuine emails being received.

We’ve all been targeted by spammers, receiving emails from how to lose 5kg’s a day to finding our soul mate online. As frustrating as they can be, they are also costing businesses time and inevitably money. Without proper filters in place, you could be subject to constant spam emails daily. This can be a major distraction for employees as they spend valuable time identifying, filtering through and removing these emails.  The explosion of spam has led to millions of dollars in lost employee productivity across Australia each year. These days there are many anti-spamming products available on the market that aim to eliminate or reduce spam. So how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck?

To defeat spam, the defensive technology needs to stay one step ahead of the rapidly changing threats. Fighting spam can feel like an uphill battle as technology continues to advance the more new threats emerge, with keeping up being an absolute necessity. Conetix can take the battle out of your hands with our cloud solution which scans emails through a separate server and eliminates any spam before it reaches you.  This service is a separate server that all mail goes through first, and then it delivers all clean mail back to your email server.

Need more convincing? Conetix offers this solution as a 30-day free trial, no strings attached! We’ve already helped 250 businesses eliminate spam at a mere $20 per month, a small price to pay to improve employee productivity and remove these frustrating distractions from your mail box.

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