Upcoming Microsoft 365 Changes (01 March 2022)

Microsoft are introducing a number of changes to the current Microsoft 365 services (which includes Office 365) which will affect your current subscription. Some of these changes are still subject to change, however we want to ensure you remain informed so that you can continue to get the best out of your subscription.

There are two critical changes to your subscription.

1.  March 2022 Price Increase

For both Microsoft direct and all resellers, Microsoft is increasing their subscription prices for Microsoft 365 on 01 March 2022. These prices have already been announced for the US market, however they haven’t been finalised for the Australian market yet. At present, the US price increases have been:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic20%
Microsoft 365 Business Premium10%
Office 365 E125%
Office 365 E315%
Office 365 E58.6%
Microsoft 365 E312.5%

All other product prices will remain the same at this stage. As soon as we have final pricing from Microsoft, we’ll ensure we let everyone know.

2. Contract changes from Microsoft

To date, Conetix has provided flexible pricing with month-by-month agreements for all Microsoft licensing at the annual discounted rate. For example, if you purchase from Microsoft direct the prices shown are with an annual commitment and without GST:

As of 01 March 2021, to maintain the annual discount you must have a contract for your subscription. This contract has a minimum 12 month term and will be per subscription (e.g. per email account). Conetix is currently modifying our billing process to ensure this is as easy as possible.

Alternatively, if you require month-by-month flexibility (so that you can cancel at any time) for your subscription then there will be a 20% monthly premium. This is the same rate if you buy from Microsoft directly or from any other reseller and unfortunately we don’t have any way around this.

What do I need to do now?

Once details have been finalised by Microsoft and their distributors, we’ll be in contact again to confirm prices and the next steps. For now, this email is simply intended to inform you of the changes and to prepare to make changes within the next two months.

upcoming microsoft 365 changes (01 march 2022)
(Changes as of 01 March 2022)

We’re continuing to work with our Australian distributor and will ensure we provide further communication as soon as we have any further information.

While we understand none of this is of benefit to consumers, unfortunately it’s a worldwide Microsoft change so all users are affected.

We’ll be doing our best to make it as smooth as possible so that your focus can be back on your business and not billing changes.

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