What’s in a Domain Name Extension?

what’s in a domain name extension?

Registering your domain name is normally one of the first steps taken when starting a new website. Once you have chosen your business or website name, you can easily check your domain name availabilitiy and register your very own unique domain name. When doing this you will see various options come up for the extension. There are numerous choices when it comes to the extension on your domain from .com to .info and the hundreds in between them. So how do you know which domain extension is best for your website? Below we briefly describe some of the more popular extensions to give you an idea of which is best suited to your website’s purpose.

.com or .net

These are by far the most popular extensions used today. If you have your everyday run of the mill website that provides visitors with information and perhaps a shopping cart, one of these two extensions would be suitable for your domain. By default people will go for the .com option if available, but if your desired domain name is already taken then try out the .net option instead. These extensions are most popular for business websites or blogs.

.biz or .info

.biz is most commonly used for small online businesses but most websites will opt for the .com or .net extension if available first.  The second of the two .info is a commonly used extension for ‘resource’ style websites that are used for educational purposes. .info is the next popular domain extension after .com, .net and .org.


.org is shortened for ‘organisation’ and is most commonly used for charity and not for profit organisations and groups. It is widely recognised as associated with non-profit groups across the web. If you were to start a fundraising website for a charity this is the extension you would use.

Besides these 5 extensions there are hundreds of other extensions available for your domain registration.

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