Why your landing page isn’t landing conversions!

why your landing page isn’t landing conversions!

Landing pages have become a fundamental part of any successful marketing strategy. They are central to generating leads and should be kept top of mind for your business in 2014. There is a basic formula to getting landing pages right, and ensuring they do what they are created to do – generate leads. If your landing page isn’t landing conversions then you may be missing something. The below 3 points identify where you could be going wrong with your landing page and examples of how to do it right.

1. Does it follow the K.I.S.S principle?

K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) means getting to the point without too much fluffy talk. People have low attention spans when it comes to reading webpages, so you have a small window to grab their attention. Where possible use headings and bullet points to your advantage and at all costs avoid long winded paragraphs. Images and diagrams are also a great way to break up the text and keep the message succinct. Always remember why people came to your page and what they are looking for. Serve this up in a simple and concise way. If it takes more then 5 minutes to read the content on your landing page then you’re doing it wrong and losing customers.

2. Does it have a strong call-to-action?

This one’s a given and should be the number one focus of your landing page. This is the action you want your visitors to do; buy, sell, sign-up, try, contact, etc. This is the determining factor in creating those valuable conversions. Keep it to the point and avoid vague language. Try tying the call-to-action with an incentive for a higher chance at catching those conversions.

why your landing page isn’t landing conversions!

3. Is it enticing?

Have you used a clean but engaging design to attract your customers and keep them engaged? Have a look over the design elements and your main headings to ensure these are clutter-free and to the point. The more eye catching your landing page the more likely to capture your target market. Make your page exciting, with a strong call to action. If it bores you it’ll bore your customers too.

why your landing page isn’t landing conversions!


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