Meet Lyne Marshall

lyne marshall

As an artist, writer and workshop provider, Lyne built her first webpage in 1997 to showcase her artwork. Following from the success and great reviews she has received from her website, Lyne published her first book in 2007. Continuing her passion for all things art Lyne has now published 3 art related books, which are available to view online along with her art and workshop information.

“Creative people never retire, so my website will always be an important part of my career. I aim to keep growing in my creative work and I would like to see my art and books reach a much bigger audience in the future, especially overseas.”

“As a creative professional, my website is the window to my creative work, with my site giving an overview to perspective readers. My online art galleries compliment my on the ground galleries which represent me in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.”

“My website has opened doors for my business that were not accessible in other ways.”

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