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Unsatisfied with the service, support and overall experience with your current web host? Speak to the professionals at Conetix about migrating free of pain and cost.

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Our Migration experts will migrate you FREE and take away the headaches and stress in 4 easy steps.

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free website migration


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free website migration


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Benefits of Conetix Hosting

The benefits with Conetix do not stop with a free migration…


Beyond fast

Conetix has one of Australia’s fastest cloud-hosting platforms, perfectly optimised for WordPress.


Intelligent & Secure Backups

With a unique retention filter, we keep both daily as well as important point in time backups to ensure you remain protected.


Developer Friendly

We love developers, and so does our WordPress platform which makes it easy to manage and deploy client sites.


Always updated

Our local team take care of your full WordPress stack, including the core, plugins and themes.


Flexible Plan Options

Find the perfect WordPress hosting plan to suit your needs with our range of plans, tailored to your requirements.


Locally Hosted

Delivering customer support that’s unmatched in the industry, our team are friendly, efficient and are based in Brisbane.

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free website migration