Conetix uses a multi-layered approach to security to ensure your data is safe. This includes advanced firewalls, server lockdown and security restrictions and for Plesk based systems a number of new security features.

We run a clustered, “Next Generation” firewall platform which provides high levels of protection, including deep level packet inspection, real-time threat monitoring, intrusion prevention, zero-day threat protection and denial of service prevention.

These layers of protection help to not only keep your data safe, but to ensure network stability and prevent downtime. We also monitor this through real-time reporting and alert notification systems.

Does Conetix block any incoming ports?

Yes. In order to prevent accidental data leaks and security holes within your Virtual Private Server (VPS), we provide a set of default rules which apply to all dedicated servers and VPS’s within our platform. By default, we block services such as SMB, Windows Remote RPC, MySQL, MSSQL and other low level ports.

We also have some geographic filtering in place for both SSH and RDP access to lock access down to Australia and New Zealand only. This is to prevent the high number of attacks seen from remote “zombie” PC’s and bot-net based systems, which recently have been trying brute force attacks of up to 40,000 passwords.

If you need these bypassed for your VPS, please email the request through to our support team.

Does Conetix block any outgoing ports?

No. By default, outbound ports aren’t blocked. This means that your VPS can connect to any remote system without any limitations. If you are facing problems connecting to a remote server, please check the firewall rules on the remote system as this is generally the cause of any issues.

Can I have ports blocked?

If you’re on a VPS, we can perform a server lockdown on your behalf to block and/or remove these services. Please complete the server lockdown form to proceed. We also have the standard open ports documented so that you can evaluated what each port is used for.

Can I have custom firewall rules added?

Yes.  To do this, please submit a support ticket with details such as the source IP, destination IP (of your VPS) and destination port.  We will provide up to three (3) custom firewall rules at no cost.


Only static IP’s can be added into the firewall. 

If you need any other assistance or clarification of any of our firewall details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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