Moodle requires regular updates to maintain site security. Moodle release regular stable version updates (Major and Minor) to keep your sites security up to date. This article will step you through the actions to perform a Major update on your Moodle site.


Always take a backup of the site and database before performing any updates:


  1. Navigate to Administration > Site administration > Server > Maintenance mode:
    maintenance mode
  2. Enable maintenance mode and click save:
    maintenance mode
  3. In Plesk, open the connected Git repo:
    git repo
  4. From the branch drop down menu, select the new branch you wish to install:
  5. Click “Pull now”:
    pull updates
  6. Click “Deploy now”:
  7. Go back to your website where you should still be logged in and navigate to the “notifications” tab:
    notifications button
  8. The site will then refresh with the upgrade page for the new Moodle version. Click “Continue”:
    update page
  9. You will then see a page that shows the checks performed by the system to see if the upgrade can be processed. Click “Continue”:
    requirement checks
  10. Apply any plugin updates by clicking “upgrade now” for each.
  11. Now click “Upgrade Moodle Database Now”:
    moodle database
  12. Once upgrade of Moodle Database has been completed click “Continue” to finish:
    database updated
  13. Take the site out of Maintenance Mode:
    Administration > Site administration > Server > Maintenance mode > Disable
  14. Purge All Caches:
    Site Administration > Development > Purge All Caches > Purge All Caches
    cache purge
  15. Check site visually to confirm no errors. Login and test site functionality. If there are problems restore from the backup taken before upgrade.

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