Recently the Spam Assassin app has deprecated one of its update repositories and this has been generating errors and sending emails to the Plesk Administrator. You will see the following error show up in your Inbox:

channel: no 'mirrors.sought.rules.yerp.org' record found, channel failed
12-Mar-2021 04:43:09: SpamAssassin: Update available, but download or extract failed

Please note that even though its showing a failure, there are secondary repositories which are subsequently tried and do in fact update Spam Assassin. So long story short there is no action required.


Safely Ignore

In this case there is no further action required from the Plesk Administrator and our Support Team at Conetix are addressing the issue.

We will remove the offending repository shortly to prevent further emails being generated.

This does not seem to be an issue with Plesk per se but with the OS, Centos7 and only affects this OS. Users on Centos 8 are not affected. If you would like to see more technical information please visit this link:


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