3 Easy To Use WordPress Help Desk Plugins

3 easy to use wordpress help desk plugins

Customer service is first and foremost in most successful businesses, even in the online world. In fact, it’s particularly vital in the online world, as it is too easy for a customer to click that little x in the corner of their screen and go looking elsewhere.

Be sure to keep your customers coming back, and better still, bringing others with them. With the help of a simple WordPress help desk plugin, you can ensure your online customers are being served just as quickly and efficiently as if you were smiling over the counter at them face to face.

Our top three picks for WordPress help desk plugins are HappyFox Helpdesk, WPHelpDesk and Freshdesk Official.



happy fox help desk wp plugins

HappyFox is a cloud based customer service support program. It has integrated community forums, ticket management to solve customer issues, and supports email, voice, chat, social media and mobile channels. Prices start at $9/month/agent and there is a free 30 day trial available.

By all accounts, HappyFox appears to be a simple and cost effective software. The reports are glowing and although there are some small issues, such as reports being too simple and it can sometimes be a bit slow, for a small business HappyFox is great value for money and very easy to use.



wphelpdesk wp plugin

WPHelpDesk has been built to seamlessly integrate with WordPress, and it does just this. The program developers have gone out of their way to make it easy to use. It provides a simple ticketing system, allows you to configure incoming/outgoing email, has advanced search features and allows you to turn your favourite contact form plugin into tickets.

The pricing is a once-off, upfront payment. For a personal license for one website, it’s $97. Once you venture into a business license, it ranges between $199 – $429.

Like HappyFox, it is easy to use and very simple; some may feel it lacks the bells and whistles other plugins may have. However, for a small-medium business, it would be very helpful.


Freshdesk Official

freshdesk official wp plugins

Freshdesk aims to bring every customer conversation into one centralised space that is user-friendly and entirely web-based. It supports multiple products and brands. It also is quite easy to use and navigate, and the feedback is that if there are any issues, the support services behind the product are quick and very useful.

The monthly pricing is affordable from $16-$70 depending on the chosen plan, and would suit any small-medium business in most fields.

In concluding

The three Plugins featured in this article are a few of many available to WordPress users. When used effectively they will help your business achieve seamless customer interaction, allowing your visitors to feel valued and likely to return. If your favourite HelpDesk Plugin isn't featured in this list, please add it in the comments below. 

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