3 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

3 ways to speed up your wordpress website

On average visitors to your website will wait no longer than 3 seconds for a webpage to load. To think that a matter of seconds could be between you and a potential lead makes you wonder how much business you have been missing due to slow page loads.  If you want advice on some effortless ways to speed up your WordPress website, here are 3 ways to get you on your way to a faster website.

1. Uninstall those unused plugins

uninstall plugins

Plugins can play a substantial role in the loading speed of your website. Every now and then make a point of going through your list of plugins and uninstalling or deactivating any that you no longer use. This will free up a lot of space on your WordPress site and allow for faster page loads.

2. Compress your webpages


Another time burner when it comes to your website loading speed is the size and resolution of the images that you have across your website. These images should all be compressed and kept to under 2MBs where possible. There are plugins available through WordPress, like WP Smush IT that allow you to compress these images to a website friendly size.

3. Use a CDN to offload high traffic


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a large distributed system of servers designed to deliver your web content in different countries of the world. This results in higher availability and higher performance to the end user. By using a CDN like CloudFlare, visitors to your site will experience substantially faster page loads, and shorter wait times.

Above are 3 simple ways to improve the speed and effectiveness of your WordPress website. Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments field below.


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