4 Reasons Not to Self Host Your WordPress Site

4 reasons not to self host your wordpress site

With constant new releases WordPress is making it easier then ever for anyone to create and manage their own website. It’s now even giving website owners the ability to self-host their own site. While this may seem simple enough to do, there are a few issues with self-hosting you should be wary of, and the impact this can have on your website. Here are 4 reasons why you should not self-host your WordPress site.

1. It’s not as easy as you’d think

There’s a bit to learn when it comes to the world of web hosting, and for a newbie it’s not a simple pick up. Sure if you’re an expert in domains, databases, servers, DNS, web security and bandwidth you may have the groundwork to host your own site but there is so much more to it then just the basics. If this is the path you choose for your WordPress site ensure to do your research and see exactly what is required of you.

2. It’s extremely time consuming

You’ll be busy enough maintaining your new website, do you really want to be spending extra hours each week working on the back-end tech requirements? You’ll have to ensure you stay on top of all WordPress core updates, theme and plugin updates and backups. Most site owners don’t have the extra time to spend on managing the backend of their WordPress site. Trust me, your time is better spent looking after your business and customers.

3. Free isn’t always free

The only ‘free’ part of self-hosting is the WordPress app, you can be guaranteed that everything else associated with it will come at a cost. To successfully self-host you need the right quality resources that do not come free. Don’t forget you’ll need a domain name, decent theme and some premium plugins that are all additional costs. 

4. Is it really worth it

As explained in the above points there’s a lot at stake with self-hosting. There are many risks involved and these can greatly affect the effectiveness and availability of your WordPress site. There are real day-to-day risks that can have a substantial impact on your site like virus attacks, downtime and server disk failure just to name a few of the big ones. 

There are better options available, by choosing to self-host your site your opening your website to a vast range of problems and headaches for yourself. If you chose to go with a reliable web hosting company then all these backend features are looked after by qualified experts, there is little to no involvement from your part. Enjoy an easier way to host and pick a suitable web host for your WordPress site. For more information on WordPress web hosting.


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