• 25 Aug
    anchoring bias: the it technician's arch nemesis for fault finding

    Anchoring Bias: The IT Technician’s Arch Nemesis for fault finding

    Regardless of if we realise it or not, we apply our own biases to our cognitive thinking all the time. In the Information Technology (IT) world of diagnostics, one of the most influential is Anchoring...
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  • 07 Aug
    http status codes - what they really mean

    HTTP Status Codes – What they really mean

    While we'd all love our websites to run 24/7, 365 days a year without any errors, every now and then you may experience an issue. Sometimes, your website may be broken enough that it can't...
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  • 25 Nov
    analysis of a wordpress pingback ddos attack

    Analysis of a WordPress Pingback DDOS Attack

    Two months ago, one of the websites we manage was hit by a wave of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, each with a changing attack vector as the systems mitigated the attacks. These started with...
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  • 14 Oct
    what's new in plesk onyx

    What’s New in Plesk Onyx

    With recent changes to head company structure for Plesk, we have seen them emerge as their own entity and a reinvigorated identity. The term "Plesky" is quickly becoming the adopted vernacular within the Plesk company ranks, describing their new, invigorated focus on product...
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  • 20 Aug
    wordpress 4.3: what's new

    WordPress 4.3: What’s New

    WordPress 4.3 has just been released, with this latest version named “Billie” after influential Jazz singer Billie Holiday, with a real focus on adding an extra layer of polish to the world’s premiere Content Management System (CMS). My...
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