5 Features your Homepage Must Have

5 features your homepage must have

Most websites are uniquely different and are designed to service their own markets. Although websites come in a range of styles, functionalities and sizes there are a few key features each website’s homepage should have.

Below is a list of these 5 features that your customers are expecting from your homepage:

1. Headline

For visiting customers your website must be clear on what it offers. Best to keep this to the point minus the fluffy stuff.

2. Simple Navigation

Clear, uncomplicated, easy to find navigation is the way to go. Clearly explain exactly what each page is about and avoid vague terms.

3. Contact Information

If you sell a service or a product it is important that your contact number or email address is visible on your homepage, preferably on the top so visitors don’t have to go searching for it.

4. Call to Action

Having a call to action above the fold will assist with increasing conversion rates. Whether this is in the form of a sign up now, free trial, free download or discounted offer, make sure your call to action is not neglected.

5. Benefits

Outline why your visitors should do business with you, what are the advantages, what do they have to gain by choosing you over your competition? Find your selling points and promote them on your homepage. 

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