7 WordPress WooCommerce Plugins to add to Your Must-Have List

7 wordpress woocommerce plugins to add to your must-have list

Do you have a WordPress site? Does it have a WooCommerce store? Then read on, this article was written for you! Woocommerce has quickly become a favourite amongst WordPress users allowing even the least technical person the ability to create and run their very own online store. Besides your Woocommerce plugin there are other extensions available to let you take full control of your ecommerce site and allow you to run every aspect of it. With over 200 extensions to choose from we’ve narrowed down our top picks below.


Here are our 7 hottest WooCommerce Plugins:


1. Woo Slider

Woo Slider is a stylish WooCommerce plugin that allows users to create professional looking product carousel lists in a matter of moments. Make your products stand out with this easy to set up plugin that allows you to access tons of styling options to make it your very own.

2. Discount for Likes

Discount for likes is a great marketing plugin to add to your WooCommerce store. Incorporate with your facebook fan page and allow your customers to receive discounted pricing per each facebook like. Not only does it drive traffic back to your facebook page and increase likes but it will also give your customers an incentive to purchase at a discounted price. The control is fully in your hands and you set the discount per likes. So let’s say for every new 1,000 facebook likes your page gets your customers will automatically get an extra $10 off their total order. A great way to incorporate your social marketing with your sales initiatives.

3. WooCommerce Sortable Products

With WooCommerce Sortable Products your customer can easily browse your online store through categories. Assign as many or as little categories as you like.

4. WooCart Pro

WooCart Pro is a popular WooCommerce plugin that allows users the flexibility to create and modify thier shopping carts. With the ability to customise the colour, text and icons you can easily create the perfect cart to complement your store design.  

5. Google Address Autocomplete

Google Address Autocomplete makes closing a sale that much easier. It helps customers enter their address using Google Places, saving the customer time and preventing errors.

6. Product Colorizer

WooCommerce Product Colorizer is a great plugin that allows users to feature any product in just about any colour imaginable. It is great for products that are available in a number of colours and saves the user time in taking photos of the product in each colour and uploading each image to the site. You select the colours a product can appear in and the customer selects their preferred colour.

7. Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping plugin gives users the ability to assign different shipping rates according to location, weight, size, price or quantity. You can set multiple rates providing you with accurate shipping charges each time.


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