The Benefits of a Managed WordPress Cloud Solution

the benefits of a managed wordpress cloud solution

WordPress makes the process of creating and running a website easier than it’s ever been. Now anybody is capable of releasing his or her own unique content onto the Internet with very little technological knowledge required. However, most people are not prepared for the amount of work that will go into managing and maintaining their new site, especially if it starts becoming popular or hosts a web store. This is where managed WordPress cloud solutions come in handy, you can have your entire site updated, maintained, backed up and secured against threats with one package.

The Cloud Solution Provider Takes Care of All Security and Plugin Updates

Cloud solution providers engineer their servers specifically for WordPress, which means your site will always be protected against the latest hacks and exploits that constantly plague WordPress. With regular server hardware and software updates the latest protection will be yours the moment it’s available, without requiring you to lift a finger. Do you have a hard time keeping track of when the newest version of WordPress is available? With WordPress management your WordPress will always be updated to the latest version, so all you need to do is focus on your content.

24/7 Site Monitoring Keeps Your Site Safe Every Hour of the Day

The biggest problem with managing your own WordPress account is that you can’t be monitoring it every second of every day. Do you need to travel out of town for a while? Do you have a lot of work or projects to do that will take you away from your site? If this is the case you can benefit from the 24/7 site monitoring that is offered, keeping your site safe and secure every second of the day. There is also customer support that is available to answer any question or concern you have at any time, day or night.

Themeforest Themes are Installed and Updated For You at No Extra Charge

Finding and installing themes can be a huge hassle on WordPress, especially if you want to make the change halfway through designing your site. Cloud management will install any Themeforest theme for you, free of charge, with the latest version of the theme always installed. If you feel your site is getting stale and you want to infuse it with some life, you can choose a brand new Themeforest theme and have it installed whenever you wish.

Cloud management solutions aren’t for everybody, but most people would benefit from not having to spend all of their time worrying about hackers and hijackers taking over their site. By having your site managed by a professional security firm you can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to have your eyes on your site every second of the day. You can feel free to spend days away from your website without having to ever worry about coming back to find your site has been compromised or removed entirely. All updates will be taken care of for you and your WordPress site will always remain as secure as possible.

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