Boost the Speed of your Website

boost the speed of your website

Are painfully slow page loads making you cringe? Does your website buckle under increased traffic? If you’re serious about increasing your website’s speed then it’s worthwhile investing in an affordable, quality application like CloudFlare. CloudFlare is an advanced application that supercharges websites while preventing even the most aggressive virus attacks.

Over 1.5 million websites trust CloudFlare for smarter caching and unbeatable site security. Your website can be supercharged and running faster than ever before in a matter of minutes. Using a globally distributed network for web caching, web content optimization and malicious bot filtering CloudFlare saves you up to 60% of bandwidth while doubling the speed of your site.

Not only delivering a faster website the inbuilt technology automatically detects new threats that arise on the web, helping to prevent over 90% of attacks. There is no complex code or server configurations required. Another rich feature is CloudFlare’s Always Online service that keeps your website available, even if the server goes offline. Plus with CloudFlare’s smart rules, you’ll gain more control and flexibility over your website’s security & performance page-by-page.

CloudFlare is proving to be a vital part of website performance and security. This application delivers quality results instantly. But don’t take our word for it see the results for yourself with a Free CloudFlare trial.

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