• 13 Jan
    plesk obsidian: new ui

    Plesk Obsidian: Top New Features

    Overview Plesk have been busy taking the base of their Onyx platform (see our previous article covering the new features) and putting a lot of development time into this latest release. Known as Obsidian, this...
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  • 28 Mar
    what's new plesk onyx wordpress toolkit 2.0

    What’s new Plesk Onyx WordPress Toolkit 2.0

    The WordPress Toolkit was first introduced in Plesk 12.5 and has become one of the most used and valued Plesk extension. With WordPress Toolkit 2.0 we see some amazing changes that simplify and assist rapid development, deployment and management...
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  • 02 Sep
    odin plesk 12.5 - what's new?

    Odin Plesk 12.5 – What’s New?

    In the first quarter of 2014 we saw the exciting new release of Plesk 12. As a Plesk 12 launch partner, Conetix was one of the first to review the changes and give feedback. We were impressed! With a...
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  • 07 Apr
    getting started with the spark framework on plesk 12

    Getting Started With The Spark Framework on Plesk 12

    In the world of web application development, especially rapid web application development, the names you usually hear of are PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and, more recently, Go. The name you usually don’t hear,...
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  • 31 Mar
    integrating plesk 12 with logentries

    Integrating Plesk 12 with logentries

    Recently, here on the Conetix blog, we began looking at configuring Plesk 12 to integrate with different logging options, ones outside of the standard setup, ones which can make it easier to stay abreast of...
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