• 20 Oct
    SSL - New Exploits Take a Bite

    SSL – New Exploits Take a Bite

    Three Google engineers have recently released a paper outlining a vulnerability in SSL used in all web browsers, it's been nick-named "POODLE", which stands for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. What is POODLE? The vulnerability allows encrypted information...
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  • 15 Oct
    Secure Passwords: Why They're Important

    Secure Passwords: Why They’re Important

    NoteThis article has been updated for 2020. When choosing a password, most people don’t place much of an importance on the complexity or uniqueness of the password to ensure it’s secure. Unfortunately, hackers out there...
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  • 01 Aug
    How to Protect Yourself From Domain Renewal Scams

    How to Protect Yourself From Domain Renewal Scams

    Our previous article 4 Domain Renewal Scams to Avoid listed some examples of scams we’ve come across. This article is a follow on from the above and goes through how you can protect yourself and...
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  • 06 Nov
    Why your Website needs a Security Seal

    Why your Website needs a Security Seal

    Security seals on a website can help improve customers’ trust and ultimately conversation rates. When an online business first starts out it can be difficult to persuade potential customers that your website is safe, and...
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  • 29 Apr
    SSL - Your Electronic Guardian

    SSL – Your Electronic Guardian

    With hundreds of new sites appearing weekly I thought I would highlight the SSL issue. So What is SSL? Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, is the standard security technology for creating an encrypted link between a...
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