Conetix Shared Hosting Plans now include Parallels Web Presence Builder

conetix shared hosting plans now include parallels web presence builder

Savvy online DIY-ers continue to take charge of the design and layout of their website as more non-techies delve into web design.  Following this growing market of keen web owners the team at Conetix have decided to introduce a simple to use and customisable site builder into all our shared hosting plans at no extra charge. Parallels Web Presence Builder comes jam packed with all the features you need to get your website exactly the way you envision it. Built for non-techies it has never been easier to create your very own website in a matter of minutes.

The easy-to-use 5 step wizard will navigate you through the whole process create the design, layout, edit the text/images, define parameters and publish! Featuring the intuitive WYSIWYG editor, users are able to easily edit website content without any web design knowledge or skill. With access to hundreds of templates you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit the needs of your website. Moreover, each of these templates completely customisable with heaps of custom templates and skins available for use.

Users are also given access to fully integrated web statistics making it possible to view and monitor website and individual webpage traffic. With access to a site owner admin panel you can change admin levels and give access to any user to manage specific areas of your website e.g. the online store.

Parallels Site Builder has been designed for differentiation, allowing users the ability to create their very own unique website. It’s backed by high quality Parallels professional support and regular updates that comes as a standard.

Parallels Site Builder is a FREE service provided through our shared hosting plans.


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