Conetix Unveils New Plesk 12 Solutions for Web Professionals

conetix unveils new plesk 12 solutions for web professionals

We're excited to announce that Conetix now offers the new Parallels Plesk 12 to our customers. The updated web management solution offers an optimised user-experience for hosting service providers, web professional and website owners looking for a turnkey solution to manage multiple websites.

Featuring a powerful new security core, a full-featured WordPress Toolkit and four distinct editions of the software designed to deliver targeted functionality to web administrators, application developers, web professionals and hosting service providers.

Each new edition of Plesk 12 simplifies core web management tasks that better align with the way infrastructure is being used for hosting websites and web applications today. A new security core based on ModSecurity rules by Atomicorp provides server-to-site security and the new WordPress Toolkit will help hosters capture the growth in WordPress hosting.

Four new Plesk editions:

  • Parallels Plesk Web Admin Edition – Best for hosting self-managed sites, this edition enables web administrators to easily manage their own server, websites, domains, email and more.

  • Parallels Plesk Web App Edition – Best for hosting web applications, this edition enables web application developers to control application access rights with custom view management, manage servers and domains from any mobile device and deliver complete server-to-site security for protection from common scripted attacks against software.

  • Parallels Plesk Web Pro Edition – Best for web professionals and digital agencies managing and hosting WordPress sites, this edition offers mass-management and security tools for WordPress hosting, server, account and WordPress management from any mobile device, and complete server-to-site security for protection from automated attacks against WordPress.

  • Parallels Plesk Web Host Edition – Best for service providers who are hosting and reselling unmanaged shared accounts, this edition offers support for multi-tenant, high-density shared hosting, with upgraded reseller, subscription and account management tools, integrated supportability and security tools for WordPress hosting and complete server-to-site security for protection from malicious use.

Key functionality enhancements:

Capture WordPress Hosting Growth with Integrated Tools. The WordPress Toolkit simplifies daily tasks required to manage and secure WordPress sites. With Plesk 12 and the WordPress Toolkit, you will enable customers to:

  • Manage multiple WordPress installations , plugins, and themes from a single point of entry

  • Easily install, update, and remove WordPress , plus activate and remove plugins and themes

  • Securely install WordPress and harden existing WordPress installations , applying the most common recommended security settings with rollback support

Reduce Support Calls with Secure Infrastructure. The new Security Core in Plesk 12 combines ModSecurity, Fail2Ban and Outbound Antispam tools allowing you to deliver server-to-site security out of the box. With the Plesk 12 Security Core on your servers you get:

  • Secure servers that protect against persistent attacks targeting known or newly discovered vulnerabilities

  • Increased uptime as malicious attacks against your servers are automatically blocked in real time

  • Cleaner IP addresses with outgoing spam protection preventing your servers from being blacklisted

We have partnered with Parallels for over 10 years and provided our clients with a complete set of tools to assist with developing and managing their websites. The latest update means that Conetix customers can have a more hands on approach with their hosting solutions.  

To learn more about what our new Parallels Plesk 12 Solutions can do for your business, contact us today at 1300 789 260 or visit

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