Does WordPress keep your content safe?

does wordpress keep your content safe?

I’m one of those people (as I’m sure you are too) who has moved a great deal of my life online and into the ‘Cloud’. If you’ve joined the cloud computing revolution then you will also be experiencing the benefits of having your emails, documents and images all online and accessible wherever you want.

WordPress in its own rights has become a type of cloud computing, storing multitudes of content on each website. WordPressers use the site to store content and images that they intent to make live one day. Most users will admit to only storing this material on their WordPress site and not having another copy elsewhere, why would you need to …right? Here I’ll aim to answer the above question, does WordPress keep your content safe?

Given its scale and resources, WordPress does its best to offer people the ability to secure their content online. However in the past there have been incidents where posts have simply vanished and cannot be restored, despite the revision history feature. Like with most types of technology it can never be relied on 100% of the time.  Yes, there can be times that technical glitches may cause some of your unpublished content to be lost in the World Wide Web forever. This unfortunately happens, and as frustrating as it can be there are super simple ways to safeguard yourself from content loss.

Some tips if you write and save your posts only in WordPress, firstly don’t do it. WordPress will do its best to keep your content or retrieve it if lost, but on the odd occasion it may not be able to resurrect lost content. Build your content in a word document then move the final over to WordPress when you’re happy to publish, this way you’ll always have a copy if in the unlikely event it vanishes. Make sure you cross your t’s and dot your I’s when creating and uploading content to WordPress, utilise the save as draft and revision history features if required.

I would never recommend to completely rely on one source, that’s why backups are so imperative. Technology is great and allows us to do things we never dreamt possible 20 years ago but it does have limitations and can turn on us from time to time.  WordPress like any other site is open to experience technical glitches, the best way you can safeguard yourself is by saving another copy of your content somewhere other then WordPress.



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