Do’s and Dont’s of Starting a WordPress Website

do’s and dont's of starting a wordpress website

WordPress websites continue to pop up all the time. If you’re new to starting up a WordPress site here are a few do’s and don’ts when creating your website.


Use Images and Videos

Do place relevant videos and images across your site to engage your visitors. Don’t bore your audience with text overload, keep the message clear on each page and support with images or videos where necessary.

Select a Reliable Web Host

Where your website will be hosted is a decision that you’ll need to make in the early stages. Ensure you go with a reliable host that supports the growth, speed and availability of your site. For more on WordPress hosting click here.

Use a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme is simply a theme that allows your website to be viewed on a mobile devise or tablet, it automatically resizes and rejigs your website to easily be viewed on any devise.

Have New Content and Blogs

Keep your visitors engaged and coming back with a regular blog and new content.  This will help you create a following and help out your SEO too.


Use a Generic Design

Avoid designs that have been used by every other website, try finding a fresh website design that suits your intended layout; there’s thousands to choose from.

Have Vague, Undescriptive Content

Your content should be written with both your target audience and SEO in mind. Keep your message clear and to the point, avoid all the fluff. Ensure your keywords are used wisely in the header and the body of your text.

Sign up for Free Hosting

Free hosting normally involves the third party selling advertising on your website, which will detract from anything else on your site. Also with free hosts you’re likely to be sharing a server with hundreds if not thousands of other sites this will dramatically reduce response time and availability.

Forget to do your Research

Look up Google Analytics and use Google’s Keyword Planner to find what your audience is looking for. Optimize your site by researching what keywords you should feature on each page

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