Generate some extra ROI with a WordPress Advertising Plugin

generate some extra roi with a wordpress advertising plugin

There’s a fair amount of money that can be generated from a website or blog. Not only in the resources, products or services you sell but also in additional revenue through advertising. When done tastefully advertising through your website can easily generate extra income. WordPress users have an upper hand when it comes to advertising on their site as there are already a number of plugins that will effortlessly help you do this. Below are 5 WordPress advertising plugins you can use to increase the profitability of your website.


1. nBar

nBar is a complete WordPress Multi-purpose bar builder plugin featuring an unlimited number of header and footer bars in 5 different sytles for your WordPress website. These bars can be used to display notifications, general information or advertisements. It’s easy to use and can be set-up quickly.


2. BugMeBar

BugMeBar is a simple notification plugin as you can see from the image above. It gives visitors the ability to easily remove the bar, but is a great opportunity to run a offer or advertisement across the bar with a click through link.


3. EyeCatcher Notification Bars

Eye Catcher is another example of a great WordPress notification bar plugin. This plugin allows the user to create unlimited header and footer bars to capture the attention of your visitors. Featuring 30 themes there are many styles to choose from that will compliment your WordPress website.


4. WP Ad-Monetizer

WP Ad-Monetizer gives users the opportunity to create banner ads or any ad-sense codes in various ad-groups and ad-blocks. With the ability to customise you are in full control of where and when your ads are viewed.


5. WordPress Corner Peel Plugin

WordPress Corner Peel Plugin is a stylish way to add advertising to the top corner of your WordPress site. It’s a great way to get visitors to click through to a special offer or promotion without causing distraction.


These are just 5 of many advertising plugins available to WordPress users. These plugins are easy to use and allow you to take control of the ads that appear on your website. When done well these ads can help your return on investment and even provide a secondary income if referring other products/services.


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