Head in the Clouds when it comes to Cloud Hosting?

head in the clouds when it comes to cloud hosting?

The Cloud is taking the web hosting industry by storm with many businesses adopting this flexible approach. The main advantage with Cloud Hosting is the ability to improve IT potential without investing in more physical hardware and servers.

If you’re considering making the move to the cloud, here are four pointers to help you make the right choice.

1. Pick the right service

There are different types of needs a business will require from its hosting. Whether you’re a new smaller business or a thriving corporation, you will need to consider what requirements you have for your website’s hosting. Cloud-based hosting can vary greatly based on the business size and needs. To select the right plan you will need to know how much traffic your website generates and how you anticipate this to change in the future.

2. Understand your agreement

Downtime is extremely costly to your business and this should be kept as minimal as possible. Generally speaking there are two uptime guarantees provided by web hosts 99.5% and 99.9% uptime. Although the 0.4% doesn’t seem like much the difference between the two is almost two days of downtime per year versus 8.76 hours. With each of those valuable minutes costing your business money you want to ensure it is kept minimal.

3. Know you’re secure

Security should remain your number one focus and top of mind when moving to Cloud-based hosting. You should ensure your site’s data and customers’ information is protected. And there is a disaster recovery or back up plan in the event that it is required.

4. Integrate to maximise

Integration is central to ensure your data centres, on-site applications and resources continue to work seamlessly through your cloud-based hosting. Cloud hosting is ideal to streamline your organisation and make your hosting as easy and convenient as possible.

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