How to Attract More Comments On Your WordPress Blog

how to attract more comments on your wordpress blog

You invest your time writing an amazing blog yet are struggling to find like-minded people to interact with it. Ideally you want as many people as possible to read and interact with your blog, whether that is through liking it, sharing it or commenting on it. A good way to generate more interest in your blog is by encouraging feedback and comments. Engage your readers to share their advice, knowledge or thoughts on the topic. This can be a little daunting at first but attracting comments on your blogs can be easily encouraged.


1. Make it easy to do so

Have a comments section directly underneath your blog that can be easily accessed. Allow readers to comment anonymously if they wish too. If you have a sign-in process to enable comments or require users to provide contact information this can be seen as a deterrent. The easier you make it for people to comment the more likely they will.


2. Encourage feedback, suggestions or points of view

Within your blog encourage your readers to leave their opinions in the comments section. By directing them to this section it allows your readers to feel they can get involved and add their two cents worth. Always respond to readers comments even if they vary from your own suggestions. After all encouraging discussions should be what your blog is all about.


3. Clean out SPAM comments

You’ll notice if you have a comments section you may get the occasional spam, or self promotion that has nothing to do with the topic of your blog. Make sure you have a process in order to eliminate spam and self promotion, as readers may see this as cluttered and unprofessional. There are ways in which all comments submitted must be approved by the owner of the blog before appearing live on the site, this could be a good way to avoid heavy spam attacks.

Just about every man and his dog has their own blog these days. It’s easy to start your own blog but can be challenging to get readers to interact with your content. Encourage your readers to comment, make it as easy as possible, and keep it spam free.


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