How to Gain Customers’ Trust Online

how to gain customers’ trust online

Most business are now being conducted online, with online shopping continually outdoing traditional retail shopping. Customers are enjoying the convenience of shopping from home and accessing shopping sites anywhere they are. Though the online shopping world is booming, customers are also becoming more wary of whom they choose to do business with. With the likes of paypal and secured online payment methods, consumers are more likely to do business with websites that prioritise online safety. They need to know that their personal and payment information is secured safely and cannot be accessed by hackers. One of the most powerful tools to ensuring your customers are safe online and they know it, is by securing your website with SSL. 

What is SSL security?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a fundamental security feature on any website that requires customers’ information. For websites that collect personal or banking information then having an SSL is a must. It protects any information sent or received over the Internet (website and mail server). If your website doesn’t have an SSL you risk your customers’ details being transferred as plain text – leaving this information open to hackers.

Do I need SSL security?

Online shoppers are savvy and will only do business if they feel it is a trusted environment. Customers want to know that their information is securely stored and not accessible by anyone outside the business. SSL provides a visual cue to online shoppers in the form of a lock icon or a green bar in their browser that promotes the site as being secure.

Although browsers are able to connect to secure web servers using SSL, the browsers and server need an SSL certificate to ensure a secure connection. To simplify you should have an SSL Certificate if your website sends or receives sensitive personal information or has a login section. But if you have an online business that requires payment through credit card then you must have an SSL certificate.

As online shopping purchases continue to increase year on year, customers are becoming savvy with their online security. Using SSL is one of the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to build credibility and help ensure the safety of your customers. Make sure your website is secured with SSL, and keep your customers safe.

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