Responsive WordPress Websites, Are They Necessary?

responsive wordpress websites

Right now you are sitting in one of two groups; you either have a WordPress site or you don’t. Most websites are now being built on the most popular CMS platform in the world, WordPress. With formats, layouts and designs constantly changing and improving it’s ideal to stay ahead of the game and ensure your site remains current and accessible by your audience no matter where they are or what devise they are using to access it. And here is where responsive web design comes in to play – it allows your site to be viewed perfectly on any devise no matter the size. In an age of tablets and mobiles it’s easy to see why this would be ideal for all websites to adopt.

Here are 3 obvious reasons your WordPress site should be responsive:

1.Mobile and Tablet Users can easily navigate your site

Gone are the days you need to be sitting behind a computer to surf the Internet. Nowadays most people use their mobile devise or tablet to easily access information wherever and whenever they need it. So your website can be view in a user friendly layout it must first be responsive.

2. No more zooming in and out

Responsive web designs are created to allow a website to perfectly adjust to any screen size or resolution. The layout will change from what you can see on a computer screen compared to a mobile or tablet.

3. Keeps your customers engaged

If someone visits your website from their mobile devise and all they see is just a smaller version of your desktop site then it’s hardly encouraging them to navigate the site. More often then not, visitors will click out and find another website offering similar information (probably your competition) but in a easy-to-view layout.

All in all, responsive web design is vital to your website. When selecting a WordPress theme ensure you go with one that is responsive, there are thousands to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that suits.

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