Web hosting lies you’ve probably heard

web hosting lies you’ve probably heard

There are certain misconceptions many people have about web hosting that can become obstacles when researching and buying web hosting. Below we identify and disprove the top web hosting misconceptions.

Managing web hosting is complicated

With the latest control panels, shared web hosting has never been easier to understand and use. Featuring easy to use navigation, clients can simply manage their own web hosting plan. Not to mention if you ever get stuck each plan is fully supported by an expert team that are on hand to help.

It doesn’t matter where in the world my web hosting is It’s surprising to see an Australian targeted website using a web host based in another country (even more so when they talk about supporting the Australian economy). By using Australian web hosting your pages will load faster (the data has less distance to travel), the support team are on the same clock as you, and Google will know that you are targeting an Australian audience.

All web hosting is the same

It’s typical to see people researching and buying web hosting purely based on price. There’s a common misconception that hosting is a service similar to electricity or gas, it doesn’t matter who the provider is because the product is always the same. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you go with the cheaper hosting companies you’ll likely experience unreliable hosting (a lot of downtime), limited customer support and an unsecure site. At the end of the day you get what you pay for.

When shopping for a web host it’s important to ensure the hosting company uses Australian based servers and has an Australian based support team that are on hand to help. Most importantly you can’t put a price on how much it costs you everytime your website goes offline, investing a little extra in your web hosting will ensure your site is running at optimal speed and peak performance.

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