WordPress Cloud Hosting – Set It and Forget it!

wordpress cloud hosting – set it and forget it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cloud hosting platform available so you could rest easy knowing your website was always taken care of? Well good news, there are plenty of options available for WordPress cloud storage, from WordPress’s official VIP platform to affordable alternatives for businesses and individuals. There is no reason not to protect your site with one of these cloud-hosting options for WordPress.

WordPress VIP For Large Scale Websites

Cloud hosting comes in many shapes and sizes, with WordPress offering their own cloud hosting solutions for websites. The WordPress VIP package offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and is capable of servicing over one hundred million page views a day. However, with prices starting at $3,750 a month it isn’t the most affordable solution for smaller websites or businesses. The WordPress VIP experience is designed for websites that will experience significant traffic increases and bring in large revenues in return. This is ideal if you expect to see hundred of thousands of page views simultaneously and will protect your site from crashes due to the traffic.

Conetix is an Affordable Solution For Everybody

You don’t need to break the bank if you want an experienced team hosting your WordPress site for you. Conetix has over 10 years experience as Australia’s go-to web hosting platform, with a full Australian support team on call 24/7. Their cloud-hosting platform provides the same benefits as WordPress’s at a fraction of the cost, remaining powerful enough for the business and affordable enough for the individual. With servers located in Australia your website is guaranteed to have the fastest possible speeds available. They have different pricing tiers available for standard sites all the way up to high traffic sites, meaning that you only need to pay for premiere service as your site grows into a premiere one.

Why Use Cloud Hosting for Your WordPress Site?

The big question is why should you bother springing for cloud hosting for your WordPress site? Managing and hosting a website is a big commitment and takes a lot of work to do properly. If your site becomes popular and you see an increase in traffic you will need to be prepared to handle it so that your page doesn’t crash and cost you the advertising income. With cloud hosting your site will be set to handle anything that is thrown at it, and with 24/7-customer support you can easily alter your tier and increase your bandwidth to compensate for any additional traffic coming your way. Nothing is worse than going over your limit or having your server crash, with affordable cloud 

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