This article will cover how to configure and connect to a Plesk website via the File Transport Protocol (FTP) securely using FTPS (FTP with SSL). By default, FTP uses unencrypted communications which means anyone who is able to intercept the packets will potentially have your username, password and any files transmitted. This is especially important when using free WiFi services such as cafes, airports and motels.


  1. Access your Plesk Control Panel
  2. Within the Plesk Control Panel select 'FTP Access':
    accessing ftp securely in plesk
  3.   Confirm the username and reset the password of the FTP user you'd like to use.
    accessing ftp securely in plesk
  4. For FTPS connections, using your preferred FTP Client (Filezilla pictured)  use the following settings.
    Ensure the port is set to 21, and the encryption method is set to "Explicit FTP over TLS"

    accessing ftp securely in plesk

  5. Connect to FTP as you normally would, now using a secure connection.
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