Domain Aliases can be used to redirect traffic from one domain to another, which is a common scenario if you have both a ".com" and ".com.au" domain registered. This guide shows the setup of an alias pointing traffic from conetix-test.com to conetixtest.com.


1. Once you have logged in to Control Panel, select the subscription you which to create a domain alias for from the drop down list (you may only have one, depending on what services you have purchased).

2. Select the "Web-sites & Domains" tab:

add a domain alias in plesk

3. Select "Add Domain Alias":

add a domain alias in plesk

4. Enter the domain alias name (eg conetix-test.com), and leave all other settings at their default values:

add a domain alias in plesk

5. Click “OK” to create.

6. Once this is complete, confirm that the alias appears under your host domains subscription.add a domain alias in plesk

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