In an effort to increase security, Apple has released an update for all iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) which enforces strict security protocols in order to try and protect user data. This can cause existing email configuration to break and display an error message in regards to the server identity.

The error message you see may look similar to the following:

Cannot verify server identity
Common name <ServerName>.conetix.com.au
Not trusted
Expires 23/3/18
Organisation – common name “Let's Encrypt Authority”
Not valid before 23/12/17 
Not valid after 23/3/18

Unfortunately, email servers can only have one hostname for strict security verification and changes are required to your email configuration in order to ensure this works.

Fixing your Mail Server settings:

To fix this error we want to take some of the information from the initial error. The bold text indicates your server name:

Common name lsh01.conetix.com.au. 

Note: We are using lsh01.conetix.com.au as an example in these steps, your server name will vary.

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Tap on your account ()
  4. Scroll to find "Incoming Mail Server"
  5. If your hostname is similar to mail.yourdomain.com.au please change this to the server name we noted down before we started these steps, for example lsh01.conetix.com.au.
  6. Scroll to find the Outgoing Mail Server settings
  7. Tap SMTP  mail.yourdomain.com.au
  8. Under Primary server you should see mail.example.com.au tap this to open.
  9. If your Host Name is similar to mail.yourdomain.com.au and you're not on a Conetix Starter Plan, please change this to the server name we noted down before we started these steps. 

    If you're on a Conetix Starter Plan, your outgoing server settings should be your ISP settings. (Please see related article: Australian ISP SMTP Servers)

  10. Click Done to verify your server.
  11. Then click done again in the next window.

You can now check your settings by refreshing Mail in your Mail App.

If you are still experiencing errors or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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