A Document Root is the path that your web server stores the files for your website. For example, if you run WordPress then this directory contains all of the core WordPress files, themes, plugins and images. By default, Plesk uses the “httpdocs” directory to store this.

If you have a centralised CMS codebase or subdomains which run off the same codebase, you can modify the document root for the additional sites to point to a centralised directory.


Conetix does not recommend changing this unless absolutely necessary. Changing the Document Root can affect other systems such as backups.


  1. Log into your Plesk subscription you’ll be changing the Document Root for:change plesk document root
  2. Click Hosting Settings:
    change plesk document root
  3. Type the new file path you’d like to change to:
    change plesk document root
    change plesk document root
  4. Click OK:
    change plesk document root
  5. Your Document Root will now be changed and Plesk will be serving anything in the new path:
    change plesk document root
    If you have any difficulty with the above, please reach out to our friendly support team.


If the directory you enter does not exist a new one will be created and filled with the default Plesk page files. These can be safely deleted.

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