Conetix keeps a rolling backup set of all our servers for a period of two weeks. These backups are intended to be used for disaster recovery and should not be relied upon as a backup when making changes to your website. As this is a server level backup, it does not allow for simple rollback of changes should you accidentally overwrite the wrong file or if the upgrade goes wrong.

Before making any changes to your website, Conetix highly recommends that you take a full backup of your site first. You can do this via Plesk or if you are using a Content Management System such as WordPress, there are a number of free plugins which can do this for you. We recommend that you then store a copy of the backup on your local machine for archival purposes.

All of our managed hosting plans (such as Managed WordPress) include a specific backup of WordPress and archived off to a different server. Clients on these plans do have the ability to rollback changes if required.

Ultimately, it is the client’s responsibility to keep a backup of their website. If you are unsure, please contact our Support team to help determine the best way to backup your site.

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