This article describes how to enable DomainKeys for Spam protection in Plesk 12 and Plesk 12.5.

DomainKeys is an e-mail authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an e-mail sender and the message integrity. This helps to ensure the deliverability of you email as it can be verified by remote mail servers.


  1. To enable DomainKeys server wide in Plesk, Allow signing outgoing mail  needs first to be turned On.
    Navigate to Tools & SettingsMail Server Settings (under Mail section)

    In the DomainKeys Spam Protection group select the check box  Allow signing outgoing mail  then Ok.

  2. To enable per domain subscription is located under Website & Domains > Mail settings.

    Now Select the check box –  Use DomainKeys spam protection system to sign outgoing email messages


  3. Check Website & Domains > DNS settings  and the 2 similar TXT records below should have been added.

    _domainkey.conetixtest.com.	        TXT	o=-
    default._domainkey.conetixtest.com.	TXT	p=<PUBLICKEY>

You can verify that your DomainKeys configuration is working correctly by using this site: http://www.mailradar.com/domainkeys/

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