There are a few ways to check what version of PHP you are running. You'll also be able to see your PHP configuration, as well as what PHP modules you have available. The following outlines how you can achieve this via a simple PHP code.


  1. Create a simple web document (page) in a text editor with the following code: 
  2. Save your web document and call it "phpinfo.php".
  3. Once you have created your PHP web document you will need to upload it to your where your website is hosted. This can be done several ways via the File Manager in Plesk, or FTP. You'll need to upload this to a publicly accessible area, which for Plesk based systems is in the "httpdocs" directory.
  4. Now need to call the newly created phpinfo.php page from your browser. For example, it may be "http://yourdominaname.com/phpinfo.php". You should see something like the following:
    php info screenshot

Clean Up

Once you have the information you require we strongly urge you to delete phpinfo.php file from your server, as it poses a potential security risk by displaying information about your system.

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