This article aims to guide Plesk Obsidian VPS users through enabling automatic Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate renewals. This will automatically generate and enable an SSL certificate when deploying new subscriptions.


  • Plesk Obsidian Installed
  • Lets Encrypt Extension Installed
  • SSL It! Extension Installed

Enabling Automatic Renewal

  1. Log into your Conetix hosted VPS.
  2. Navigate to Service Plans:
  3. Select one of your service plans:
  4. Click Additional Services:
  5. In the SSL IT! drop box, select Keep websites secured with free SSL/TLS certificates:
  6. Click OK:

Plesk will now automatically renew certificates for all domain’s under the modified service plan.


In the event you have Email only or DNS only customers, you will need to customise their service plan to turn off Keep websites secured with free SSL/TLS certificates.
Not turning this setting off for customers that have their sites hosted elsewhere will result in daily email notifications that the domain cannot be secured.

Disabling Automatic Renewal

  1. Navigate to Subscriptions:
  2. Select a subscription that has it’s website externally hosted:
  3. Click Customize under Account:
  4. Click Additional Services:
  5. In the SSL IT! drop box, select None:
  6. Click OK

This will now stop Plesk from attempting to issue a certificate for a site that is not on your VPS.

If you have any difficulty with the above steps, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team.

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