This article describes how to limit access to your website to specified IP addresses only.


This functionality is limited to Virtual Private Server (VPS) customers only at present. Our support team can add this manually if required.


  1. Log in to Plesk VPS:
     limiting access to a website by ip address
  2. Under the desired domain, click on the Hosting and DNS tab, then select Apache and nginx Settings:
    limiting access to a website by ip address

  3. Under the Common Apache Settings, locate the Deny access to the site section and select the Enter custom value option:
    limiting access to a website by ip address
    In area 1 above, enter a ‘*’ symbol in order to block all IP addresses from connecting to the site.
    In area 2, enter any IP Addresses that you would like to exclude from these rules – you should enter your IP address to ensure you are not locked out of your site.


You can add more than one IP Address to this list as long as they are each on their own line.

  1. Once you have entered the desired IP Addresses in their respective fields, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click OK to save your changes:
    limiting access to a website by ip address 
  2. Your website should now only be accessible to the IP Addresses specified in the Excluding area.

You should now try to visit your website from a computer or mobile device to ensure the block is working as expected.


If you’re not sure what your IP address is you can simply Google “My IP” to find it.

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