This article will guide you through importing email from an external IMAP server onto your subscription with Conetix.
This article is suitable for VPS and shared hosting customers and assumes the source inbox is not pointed to Conetix


  1. Begin by logging into Plesk directly or via your Conetix Control Panel
  2. If you are a VPS customer, open the subscription you’ll be importing email for:
    Plesk Onyx - How to Set Mailbox Size in Plesk for a VPS
  3. Click Mail:
  4. Double check the email address you’d like to import email into exists.

    If it does not exist you should create the inbox
  5. Next go back to Websites & Domains for the subscription:
  6. Click Mail Importing:
  7. Click Import Mail Messages:
  8. Enter the account email address you are migrating from.
  9. Input the password of the email address you are migrating from.
  10. Select your destination email from the drop down:
  11. Click OK.
  12. If prompted that the server could not validate SSL/TLS, click Continue Anyway:
  13. Your mail will now be importing!
  14. Once the import is complete you can point the MX record to Conetix at your DNS host.
  15. Once email is pointed to Conetix you can click re-sync to copy any emails that may have been delivered to the source inbox while DNS was propagating to your changes:

If you’re ever unsure about importing emails please contact our friendly support team for assistance!

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