This article will detail how to use the Diskspace Usage Viewer Extension in Plesk Onyx and Plesk Obsidian. This extension can be used to easily and pictorially display the disk usage and help show where the space is used on your Virtual Private Server (VPS).


  1. Login to to the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to the Extensions Tab as shown below:
    Plesk - Extensions
  3. Select ‘My Extensions’:
  4. Open ‘Diskspace Usage Viewer’ as shown below.
  5. You will be greeted with a similar screen below. You will be able to view, delete directories from this view.
  6. To sort via the largest items, select the ‘Largest Files’ tab.
  7. To view the size of individual sites, navigate to /var/www/vhosts/yourdomainname.help as shown below:
  8. From here, you will be able to see exactly where the sites size is coming from.

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