This article will provide an overview of the process to setup a manual backup of your website. A backup should always be taken before you:

  • Make any changes to your site
  • Update any software or install new plugins
  • Engage with a new developer

This also provides you the opportunity to keep a historical copy of your site for future reference.

Note: While Conetix maintains backups of your website, we do so for disaster recovery purposes only. A full outline of our backup procedures is available here.


Warning: Backups will contribute to your storage quota if stored on the server. Please ensure that you have enough available space before proceeding.

  1. Navigate to the Backup Manager under your Plesk subscription: 
    plesk onyx - creating a manual backup
  2. Click on the Back Up button: 
    plesk onyx - creating a manual backup
  3. This will display open a new screen asking what you would like to backup. As usually we’re only interested in the website for this backup, simply tick Domain configuration and User files and Databases leaving Mail Configuration and Content unticked. 
    plesk onyx - creating a manual backup
  4. Click OK to start the backup. You should see a confirmation that the backup has started: 
    plesk onyx - creating a manual backup
  5. The time taken to complete the backup will vary from site-to-site. For a smaller site, this should be completed in under 5 minutes. Once the backup has completed, you’ll be able to see it listed in the main Backup Manager screen.

    If you wish to be notified of when the restoration is complete please set an email address in the restoration options.

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