This support article describes how to enable Webmail access for your Plesk Hosting subscription, which will then give you the ability to access your mailbox remotely via an Internet browser.

By default Conetix installs Roundcube Webmail application on our Plesk Linux servers and for Plesk Windows Horde and MailEnable Webmail are available.


  1. Log in to Plesk or Conetix Control Panel:
  2. Click on Mail  > Mail Settings:
    In the below configuration, no Webmail application has been assigned to the hosting subscription.
  3. Next select the checkbox of the domain to change, then Webmail:
  4. Select the available Webmail application from the drop down e.g. Roundcube, then Ok to save.
  5. After the page refreshes you should now see the Webmail Application chosen assigned.
  6. To access Webmail, Open up a new tab or window in your Internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. 
  7. The URL for accessing Webmail is in the format http://webmail.domain.tld replacing domain.tld with your domain name. 
    e.g. To access Emails for info@conetixtest.com the URL will be http://webmail.conetixtest.com
  8. The Username is your FULL Email address 

It is highly recommended to Secure Webmail URL with SSL. The security benifits are your Username/Password are encrypted when accessing Webmail and cannot be intercepted by a thirdparty on a insecure network, example would be a local internet cafe.

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