By default, Conetix sets an outgoing email limit within Plesk to prevent accidental misuse of email accounts for sending spam email. We recommend leaving this restriction in place and adjusting limits as required to ensure your server remains protected. For newsletters and bulk emails, we highly recommend looking at our Bulk Email Sending guide covering transactional email systems.


Note: This is only accessible to Virtual Private Server (VPS) customers and resellers.

  1. Open the subscription you wish to change the limit of.
  2. Click on Outgoing Mail control:
    plesk onyx - increasing your outgoing mail limit.
  3. Select the "Subscription" tab and then "Change limit":
    plesk onyx - increasing your outgoing mail limit.
  4. Change from the "Default settings" to "Custom value for the subscription" and set the new value. 
    plesk onyx - increasing your outgoing mail limit.
    Please note:
    Mailbox – is the limit on a single email address, eg

    Domain – is the limit on all email addresses with the same domain, eg:

    Subscription – is all the domains in a single subscription which can contain many domains, eg:


  5. Click "Ok", the limits have now been updated. 
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