This article describes how to install WordPress using Plesk's in-built application feature.


  1. Log into your Control Panel / Plesk hosting
  2. Next click on the Applications Install(Custom)
  3. Next WordPress install files will be downloaded:
  4. Accept the accept terms of the license agreement then Next:
  5. Select where you want WordPress to be accessible. If this is for the main site and no site currently exists, ensure the location is blank.
  6. Enter a Username / Password for the admininstration area of WordPress:
  7. Enter the email address to associate with your website. You can also select the default site name at this stage.
  8. Optionally, change the Database name and Database user name to something which will be easier to associate for your site.
  9. Click Install to complete the Setup of WordPress.

You should now be able to login to WordPress either via the Plesk WordPress Toolkit or directly into the WordPress Admin area.

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