This article describes how to redirect traffic from HTTP to HTTPS using an SEO safe 301 redirect.

Enabling this option allows for a more effective and efficient redirection as it is processed at the Web Server level rather than the Website software e.g. WordPress forcing the Home URL.

This is a Plesk Onyx feature, make sure you upgrade first.


    1. Log into to Conetix Control Panel or Plesk.
    2. Click on Website & Domains tab
      plesk onyx - websites and domains
    3. Click on the option Hosting Settings
      plesk onyx - hosting settings
    4. Under the Security section, select the tick box
      Permanent SEO-safe 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS
      plesk onyx - redirect http to https
    5. Click OK to save
  1. To confirm redirect is working, navigate to http for your URL.
    e.g. http://conetixtest.com should redirect to https://www.conetixtest.com
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