This article will detail the process of logging into Plesk directly via your Virtual Private Server (VPS).


  1. Open a New Tab or Web Browser and enter the Plesk URL as provided by Conetix. If you don’t have the URL, it’s the name of the server (eg, ws1.yourdomainhere.com.au), followed by “:8443” as the port.
  2. Your URL should now resemble the following: https://ws1.yourdomainhere.com.au:8443

    plesk onyx vps login
  3. Once the page has finished loading, enter your Plesk Login details in the login window as shown below: plesk onyx vps: login to your plesk server
  4. Once your details have been correctly entered, click on “Log in”.

You have now successfully logged into your Plesk VPS.

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